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Twitter can be confusing if you're not thinking of the power it has to integrate into your social media strategy. Twitter is about sharing  which is the main thrust of social media. The simple solution is to think of it as a mini blog, just 140 characters to engage your readers. Once you realize that brevity is key and you only have that short amount of space to grab attention you'll get the hang of what is important to tweet about versus throwing things out there that aren't of interest to your customers and potential customers.

Who Are You?

Keep in mind that your brand on Twitter is associated with your twitter name so choose it carefully. Your chosen name will appear beside all of your tweets and it is how people will identify you on Twitter.

who are you, describe yourselfThe profile you set up is equally important. Make sure to tell people where they can find you by giving them enough information about your catering company such as city, state and even country you are located in. Share your website address or blog address and include your profile bio telling them who you are and what you do. Make it about your personality, socially engage them, your company mission statement will not bring your company to life, you will.

Your Twitter profile will feature two different images to represent your account. Take advantage of both of these images and they will help you to tell your business story. Your Twitter profile photo is a square photo that appears next to every tweet you send so it should represent your brand (if your company is just you as an individual than use a personal photo, if it is your company logo, you can use that). People do identify with faces so you can use your business name for the account and a personal photo for your profile photo because it can add a personal touch to your Twitter account.

Your Twitter profile header is very similar to your Facebook cover photo and should help tell the story of your business. This large background photo should, in fact, be the same as your Facebook cover photo on your Fan page so that you have consistency in your branding and advertising and are easily recognizable to your followers

Make sure to complete your profile completely. Each twitter feature offers greater details about your business and that helps contribute to your authenticity.

Follow and be followedFollow and be followed on twitter

To start, follow people that are already on twitter and are your customers. Follow your suppliers, your vendors your contractors and anyone who deals within your industry. Trade organizations and professional organizations for your industry are great alliances so you should follow their Twitter feeds as well.

When you send a tweet you are sending out a message to everyone that follows you.  That is what twitter is about.
When you reply and use @reply you are replying to a message PUBLICLY to one that you have received so the message will mention the twitter username of the person and everyone who follows both you and the person you are replying to will see it so be cautious about the content of your reply.

You can mention someone using the @ symbol before their twitter name if it is something of interest or of credit to them and you can also send a DM (Direct Message) to someone that follows you.

Retweeting (RT) is a message that another twitter user has created and sent but you are allowed to share it with people who follow you and you deem that message is relevant to them.

What should you be using your twitter feed for

tell them your story on twitterTwitter is a platform for sharing just like all social media. Use this platform to tell your story whether it be the back story or where you are headed so that they can come along with you.

You can use the brevity of twitter's platform to announce specials and deadlines on your holiday and special event orders direct to your followers. You can advise of dates your services are still available, link back to your website for press clips or back to your blog for advice and offer quick tips or add snapshots of events you have done.

Twitter is also a good place to get feedback from your clients. Encourage questions and client tweets about their experiences with you so their followers also hear and read about you.

Today's customer is a different customer than years ago. Now customers don't call up a company and complain. They are far more likely to text or tweet or post using their smartphone or computer and tell the world about their trouble with a company, But it also means they can tell the world about the exceptional service. Customer service is more and more important because of social media platforms like Twitter.

The Twitter experience can be limited to the people you follow so it is  a good idea to always seek out new and fresh tweeters and experts to follow that will continue to expand your online conversations.

# Means Hashtag

To expand your Twitter audience beyond your circle you can incorporate the use of hashtags. Hashtags are used to identify a common topic or theme and people search for them on Twitter. A hastag is a pound sign followed by a unique identifier.  A good example is #NFL which is easily recognized as The National Football League. However, more common terms such as #catering are also searched for finding relevent content. You can create your own unique hashtag for your own marketing purposes and to help people find your company as well as any conversations about it.

Give people information that is useful to them and relevant. Information that will answer their questions and give them tips. This will make you a valuable tweeter and a member of their community - an important first step to winning a new customer. Once you gain confidence using Twitter you can begin to start measuring your Twitter performance results and focus on building your Twitter community.

You will learn which tweets are most effective with your audience and engage them more. Eventually you will Fine-tune your Twitter presence and get better results.

Social media is a great way to communicate with your current client base as well as potential customers. Part four  of social media thing you should be doing for your catering business will focus on LinkedIn.

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