What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

When we say, “Our reputation is stainless,” we mean it. Crown Verity prides itself on its functional, durable and portable commercial grills. We aim to build a better mousetrap and believe that we’ve developed some of the finest professional grills on the market.

Our commitment to quality remains undisputed. Here are just a few differences that set us apart from the competition.

Commercial Construction

Crown Verity builds with only the finest quality materials.  Stainless steel components throughout costs more.  However, our charbroilers last virtually forever.  Our bodies, legs, cooking grates, water pans, fasteners, lighter tubes are all high quality stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning.

Natural Convection Cooking

Cook the way professionals do with Crown Verity – natural convection.  When a Crown Verity grill is used in conjunction with a Crown Verity roll dome, your grill becomes a natural convection oven, which offers precise, even heat distribution.

Cooking Grates

All Crown Verity Inc. gas grills use # 304 series stainless steel cooking grates.  Inferior grills use 400 series stainless steel, cast iron, chrome/nickel plated or porcelain coated grates, which rust.

Fully Assembled

All Crown Verity Inc. grills are shipped fully assembled on wooden skids.  All you have to do is uncrate the grill, remove packing materials and you’re ready to cook.  No tools are required, as there is no assembly.


Crown Verity Inc. grills with optional roll domes cook hot! Look at our 36” grills: with the roll dome closed and burners on high for an 8 minute preheat, the grill surface will heat up over 850◦F.

Crown Verity grills stay hot and need virtually no recovery time.

Even Heat

All Crown Verity grills have the highest performance and most precise, even heat distribution system available on the market today.  We utilize multiple stainless steel burners for the ultimate in cooking control.  No one else has as many burners or as precise and even heat distribution.

Easy to Light

Crown Verity grills utilize a stainless steel lighter tube, making lighting simple, easy and safe.  Once you light the lighter tube, it acts as a standing pilot, allowing the operator to turn on/off the burners of choice. You won’t find cheap plastic igniters on a Crown Verity grill.

Easy Cleaning

All Crown Verity grills clean up like a dream as we incorporate water pans in all of our gas grill models.  Any fat or grease that drips off the grill will immediately vaporize when it hits our stainless steel radiant.  Any grease that misses the radiants falls into our removable stainless steel water pans.  The water pans have a drain port on the end to allow you to drain the water out of the pans prior to removing them from the grill for complete cleaning.


All Crown Verity grills come complete with two 14” wheels and two quality total lock casters.  They’re so easy to move around, even a child can move them.

Complete Cooking System

All Crown Verity grills are designed and engineered to accept optional accessories – roll domes, wind guards, griddles, rotisseries, steam pan adapters, veggie trays, charcoal trays and smoker boxes – which allows you to grill, steam, roast, fry, smoke or charbroil.  Even a piglet on a spit!  No other grill offers you as much cooking versatility and flexibility as a Crown Verity grill.

Split Gas Systems

Our 48”, 60”, and 72” grills have two independent gas systems which allow you to utilize two 20 lb. gas cylinders per grill. This means fewer cylinder change-overs and no cylinder freeze – ups.

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