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The Moveable Feast – A Few Off-Premise Catering Challenge Tips

Off premise catering. Pulling off such a feat takes some expert maneuvering, healthy, portable cuisines and savvy work ethics. There is the challenge of industry wide [...]


01.11 16

Catering to Any Challenge

Since 1879, several generations of Devlins have owned and operated a general store in Mount Pleasant, Ontario. With his family’s encouragement, young Chris Devlin earned a Chef’s Apprenticeship in 1985 and spent [...]


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Is Grilling Food Healthy? You Might Be Surprised By The Answer

In today’s world food is more than just a delivery system for the nutrients our bodies need to keep going. For us, food is about flavour [...]


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Cook Your Favorite Oven Recipe On The Grill. Here’s How.

Turn your grill into an outdoor oven Your oven cooks using indirect heat. Your grill uses direct contact heat. To turn your grill into an oven, [...]


06.27 14

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire – Grilling Fire

Ted Reader is an award-winning chef, a cookbook-author, a product developer and all-around barbecue guru.   Turning 50 is a milestone for anyone but for Ted [...]

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