06.27 14

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire – Grilling Fire

Ted Reader is an award-winning chef, a cookbook-author, a product developer and all-around barbecue guru.   Turning 50 is a milestone for anyone but for Ted [...]


03.06 15

Grilling Green

Grilling food is a global phenomenon. As part of that global community we also have a responsibility to respect our environment and by looking to cook [...]


01.19 16

Outperforming in the Vineyard

For over half a century Peller Estates has been producing award-winning wines in the heart of Niagara-on-the- Lake, one of Canada’s premier wine regions. Since taking the reins of the winery’s [...]


10.08 14

6 Things You Should Know About Grilling

It’s universal, in every town, in every country, on every continent, cooking over an open fire is universal and a way of life.   We grill [...]


12.12 16

Use Your Grill As An Extension Of Your Kitchen

There’s no getting around it: planning and hosting a holiday party is a lot of work, especially when it comes to the food. What you’re planning [...]

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