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What Type of Tailgate Host Are You?

Tailgating goes back. Way back. In fact the first intercollegiate football game took place between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869. Of course, with the game the need to celebrate and eat is paramount. Everyone loves a party but how we approach that party differs from one person to another. Some of us evolve into different party throwers than we originally started out and that’s because we get better at it. You may have elevated to a different level of tailgate host or you may be a combination of any of these. Which tailgate host are you?

Simple Is As Simple Does

The kisser. Kiss being an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid. If you’re a kisser, you like to keep things simple for your tailgate party. You park car or your truck and, as tradition dictates, the tailgate is down (or up as the case may be) and you have a picnic basket of food and drinks. Some may even dare to go as far as using an habachi or portable grill.

You’re the friendly neighbour, always welcoming a new guest with a burger or a hotdog and stretching out the food to accommodate the masses and just enjoy the company and the game.

You are true family person who’s focus is the game and a bit of respite.


Yeah you love the game but the REAL reason you’re in the parking lot is the food! You’ve got lists, you’ve got coolers, warmers, servers, utensils and you’ve got a plan. You’re organized, the opposing team is gonna know you’re there. Your tent has your team’s logo, so does your jacket or apron. The food? Oh, come on, there’s plenty for everyone and then some.

You love to grill. Bring on the brats, the burgers, the dogs and let the crowd come in. You started days ago to prep for this. This is about showcasing your team and your grilling expertise. Everyone feels welcome at your tailgate. You may not have a table to sit at but you have a smile and a story to share and you don’t hold back.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Friends and family think of you when a game is coming up. And they’re excited. You set up a virtual living room outdoors to make sure your guests are happy. Every detail is attended to and your guests’ comfort is paid strict attention. Outdoor rugs or carpets, comfy chairs, patio heaters, blankets. yeah you’re prepped for T Day. Tailgate Day is yours and you own it.

Transport it all to a parking lot? No problem, you have that figured out, right down to the last support for the tent to protect your guests from the elements.

You have your list of guests and you’ve prepared for their every need. Unexpected guests can stretch your hospitality, and while you hadn’t planned for that and are bit set back, you’ll make do and none will be wiser. The menu is ripe with dips, sauces, finger foods, and lots of main entries to satisfy even the hungriest appetites. You truly are the host with the most.

Bigger IS Better

Oh yeah, for you, this is about size, and size matters and it’s gonna play a major role in your tailgate party. Crowds will gather at your tailgate party. Is that a motor home with a TV mounted on the side? You bet it is! Or your RV with a grill attached to it? Yeah it does just the trick for prepping for the game. Stainless steel grill? Lots of grilling real estate? You would not have it any other way. There is an entire industry (based on counting on hosts like you) and a myriad of television shows on tricking out your RV and utilizing the feats of tailgating engineering. If someone is just looking for food and friends, yours isn’t the party. But if they are looking for an EPIC tailgating experience, then my friend, they will not be disappointed.

You’re So Fancy

You’re no homebody. You just adore a penthouse view. Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue. There’s no picnic basket at your tailgate. There’s table cloths and caterers serving hors’deouvres. There’s an aroma of something wonderful to come from the kitchen but you’re busy entertaining guests and they feel privileged.

Your tailgate guests received invitations, written invitations. That’s a party. They come because they know the food is spectacular. No parking lot tailgating here, just true fans in your own little clique celebrating the day.

The Original

You’re the one who truly understands tailgating.

For you, this is about the sport of tailgating. There’s corn hole, a planned tailgating music playlist, drinking games, a bucket of ice to keep the beer cold and there’s team flags as far as the eye can see.

You welcome anyone and everyone to join the revelry. There are NO social barriers, just an all out good time for people of like mind. everyone is welcome. Need to know what food to serve at a tailgate? They come to you.

Master at the grill, yup you’re the one. Have the timing down to a science for food, games, intermission entertainment? Thought of it all – umbrellas, mitts, blankets, portable chairs, bug spray literally anything and everything need for a successful tailgate.

You got it. Look up tailgate in the dictionary and you’re face is there.