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News/Not all stainless steel is created equal

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Not all stainless steel is created equal

In reality, there are different types or kinds of stainless steel and each type has different properties specific to it. For example, will it stand up to rust or corrosion? Is it easy to keep clean? How durable is it? Higher grades of stainless steel make more premium grills.

304 vs 316 stainless steel

Every grill we make is constructed with 18-gauge 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish. But what exactly does this mean and how does it translate into better cooking performance for you? Without getting too technical, think of the numbers as simply a reference to the different elements that are used to make stainless steel. 304 is made up of 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. 316 is 16 percent chromium, 10 percent nickel, and 2 percent molybdenum. 316 stainless steel can often be found in marine environments because it is more resistant to the harmful effects of salt or seawater. 304, on the other hand, is a very high-quality grade of stainless steel because of its specific properties.

304 – preferred by the pros

304 stainless steel is a very reliable, very durable material, one that’s tough enough to stand up to virtually anything you throw at it – or on it. It polishes to a brilliant shine and will maintain that look for years. It resists rust, corrosion, and other harmful environmental factors. It’s the go-to stainless steel that’s found in professional kitchens because it seamlessly blends both performance and reliability.

#4 finish vs powder-coating

We polish off our stainless steel grills with a #4 finish. This is the same brilliant finish that you’ll find in most restaurants and professional kitchen equipment. It’s the preferred finish because it’s low-maintenance and easy to clean. And while some manufacturers opt to use powder-coating on their grills, we keep our stainless steel grills free of coatings to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

If you find yourself comparing stainless steel grills in the near future, ask the dealer what kind of stainless steel was used. This will help you determine how it was made, how well it will perform and how long it will last. Top-Quality stainless steel is a serious investment in outdoor cooking.

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