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Fun Facts About Grilling and Barbecuing

We all love to grill. In fact, some of us more than others, most of us on the same holiday, and many of us choosing the same type of food to grill. Here are some fun facts about grilling. Do you agree with them?

There have been many polls taken and the result is always the same for the United States. July 4th wins the top accolade at 71 percent. Not surprisingly, Canada Day also tops the list for top days for grilling. Memorial Day sits at 57 percent saying its their next favourite day to take the cooking outdoors and Labor Day at 55 percent . If you’re a true barbecue aficionado, you already know that any day is a good day to grill!

What do we put on the grill the most?

You can literally cook anything on a grill from appetizers to desserts but we all have our favourite foods. If you said a burger was the most likely thing to find on any given grill than you are with the 85% majority that like to have a hamburger on their barbecue. Steaks, not surprisingly, come in at second place with 80% of respondents suggesting that was their favourite. Not to forget the kids; they put their hands up for hot dogs as their meal of choice. The rest of us, we have settled on the old standby, chicken which comes in at 4th place.

Coming in as the most popular grilled side dish is corn followed by potatoes.

Smother it!

Marinades, sauces, dips, rubs, the choices are endless but polls show we love our mesquite, honey and spicy hot BBQ sauces the most when we are grilling up our meats. And how we grill those choices is just as important. Long-handled tongs (77 % of us use thme) are the favourite utensil of choice for ease of use and keeping those flames away from tender skin. Forks come out of the kitchen drawer and are used on the grill by 64 % of us for turning meat and finally long handled spatulas are the next most popular choice.

Keep on Grilling in the Free World!

BBQ-ing is so popular even the leader of the free world enjoys a BBQ now and again.

Barbecues have been a White House tradition since Thomas Jefferson. The very first white house BBQ was hosted by Lyndon B. Johnson and featured Texas-style barbecued ribs. President Johnson enjoyed this past time so much he even had barbecues installed on the roof of the White House.

500 guests enjoyed a “pig pickin’ hosted by Jimmy Carter and Ronald and Nancy Reagan made sure to have plenty of BBQs at their ranch so they could enjoy outdoor cooking and flavours anytime.

George Bush Senior regularly held a barbecue for Members of Congress annually on the South Lawn of the White House. George W Bush continued this tradition until the 9-11 attacks at which time the White House canceled the BBQ and instead donated the 700 pounds of beef tenderloin to feed the hundreds of rescue workers who had traveled to Washington to help after the terrorist attacks.

If the President can BBQ on the White House lawn where do we grill?

We’re pretty ingenious when it comes to cooking. We can cook anywhere but we do have some favourite places. Our choices include backyards where we can relax in the comfort of our own home with family and friends. Vacation homes are popular as well as campsites, public parks, and tailgating at football games and NASCAR races is immensely popular.

With the rising popularity of outdoor heaters and fire pits it is becoming easier and more comfortable and convenient to cook out of doors in any climate at any time.

Why do we BBQ?

Well the obvious answers unquestionable are

  • It tastes so good.
  • Men like to grill outdoors.
  • It’s convenient and easier than cooking inside.
  • It’s a great way to entertain spend more time at home.

The word “barbecue” comes from a Taino word for “sacred fire pit” and more and more of us are doing it because it has become somewhat of a competitive sport. ESPN writes that there are hundreds of organized events throughout the country all focused on barbecuing. Cash prizes can be awarded upwards of $100,000. Now that’s incentive to grill. What other competition allows spectators to taste the win!

Tipping The Scales

Not sure you have enough propane to cook tonight? Check the propane level of gas tank wit your household bathroom scale! An empty tank weighs between 17 and 19 pounds. The difference between that and what your tank weighs is how much gas you have left!

Both Memphis and Kansas City claim that they are the barbecue capital of the United States. which do you believe? Whatever statistics, whatever fun facts, the bottom line is grilling is for everyone, every culture, every diet plan everyone so enjoy! For those with year round grilling weather, some of us are envious but with today’s technology, nothing stops us from grilling regardless of the season!